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SPRING COLLECTION- Surprise Pink Florals Box (Large)

Celebrate the vibrancy of the new season with our new Spring Collection. Consists of an assortment of fresh flowers including chrysanthemums, hypericum berries, carnations and spray roses, neatly nestled and submerged in our signature square box. Please note that the flowers may vary according to seasonal availability, but will always follow the specified color scheme. This arrangement is presented as a closed box hence the name ‘Surprise Box’. Large box measures 20x20cm

Directions for Use:

Once received, please open box as soon as possible and hydrate with a little bit of water, you can also spray the flowers for extra hydration and repeat every second day. Keep out of direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry area. Pro-tip; place your flower box in the fridge at night to make your flowers last longer. Enjoy!


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