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Cozy Cabin Room Spray

Escape to a cozy cabin with our inviting Cozy Cabin scent. Sweet honeysuckle and juicy orange blend with cashmere, tonka bean, and geranium for an elegant yet comforting aroma. The woody notes of cedarwood and vetiver, blended with subtle musk undertones, transport you to a world of relaxation and comfort. Perfect for a cozy evening in, our Cozy Cabin scent adds warmth and coziness to any space.


Top notes: Honeysuckle, Orange

Heart notes: Cashmere, Tonka Bean, Geranium

Base notes: Musk, Cedarwood, Vetiver



Our Room & Linen Sprays offer an effortless, fine mist with a light fragrance! Use daily on your bedsheets, pillows, couches – anywhere in the home that needs a bit of a boost.

Room & Linen Sprays last the longest when sprayed directly onto fabrics. Fragrancetypically lasts longer when spraying onto fabrics with a thicker weave.


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