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Differences in colour, petal count, season, temperature, and placement in your home can all play a role in the vase life of your flowers. Although we try our best to select varieties of roses with the best all-round characteristics, we cannot guarantee the exact number of days each rose will survive.

Where you display your flower box or arrangement will have an impact on their lifespan as well. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight, warmer temperatures, smoke, or pollution when possible.

Typically speaking, fresh roses last between 4-12 days. We advise that you change out the water in vases every second day, spritz and add water to flower boxes daily. Placing your flower box in the fridge at night and displaying them during the day has been known to extend their vase life. Please use your own discretion before doing this.

We also advise that you avoid touching the roses too often, as moisture from your own skin can transfer to the rose petals and diminish their color and shape.

Store your arrangement in a cool, dry, dust free area and avoid direct sunlight. If dust collects on the roses, gently remove using a soft brush or duster.

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